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    What people are saying about the book: "Good Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods"

    Mike and Donna Nassick, Neighbors

    "Tim’s book is a perfect illustration on how loving God and your neighbors makes for a great neighborhood. Tim and Sheryl don’t just talk the talk…they walk the walk. They love God first, and their love for their neighbors is genuine and generous. It’s infectious—making you want to be a better neighbor yourself!"

    Dr. Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA

    "Faith always displays itself with love and good works. In Tim's book we will see very clearly how Jesus' emphasis on loving our neighbor is the outworking of loving God."

    Mark Lee, Neighbor

    "If you have any interest in improving your life and the lives of those around you this book is a must-read. Tim very clearly articulates the value in loving our neighbors, provides examples of simple acts of love that anyone can do, and what God expects of us as Christians. Having been on the receiving end of their love I can attest to the impact that Tim and Sheryl have had on our community. Read the book and go outside!"

    Dino Rizzo, Executive Director, ARC (Association of Related Churches)

    "I always love to hear someone talking about the value of building relationships within a community. And when there's someone with Tim DeTellis' decades of experience in ministry talking about it, I especially want to lean in to hear what they're saying. "Good Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods" is one of those books I hope we'll all lean in and learn from."

    Jorge & Marlene Garcia-Montes, Neighbors

    “In Tim's typical fashion of combining humor and real-life examples with powerful Biblical references, his book is an inspiration and a call to action for all Christians to share their lives with their neighbors because…’Life is better together.’”

    Larrie Fraley, Mobilization Pastor, Christ's Church of the Valley (CCV) Phoenix, AZ

    “Tim has written one of the best and most straightforward books on evangelism that I've read in some time. His transparent story of his personal journey will relate to every Christ follower. This book will stir the hearts of everyone in our church who reads it and will be a great curriculum for our neighborhood groups. It all starts by obeying God and letting the Spirit convict you to do more than just knowing your neighbors name—as you begin to truly love them as Tim has learned to do.”

    Dr. Timothy Sloan, Senior Pastor, The Luke Church, Humble, TX

    Living in community is critical to demonstrating our faith. Tim DeTellis is emblematic of what happens when we insert passion to please God into this directive. His story encourages us all to trust God’s plan as we live it out everyday.”  

    Mike and Tami Swanson, Neighbors

    "Tim DeTellis exudes friendliness and genuine enthusiasm in our community. He sets the example by showing God's love and living out the attributes of a great neighbor."

    Dr. Jerry Rueb, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Long Beach, CA

    Good Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods is a wonderful chronicle of honest reflections in what it means to build purposeful friendships with people next door. This easy to read personal story takes Christians on a step by step path on how to connect your neighbors with Jesus Christ, the ultimate friend. You will read this book many times.

    Michael Benner, Neighbor

    “I always say to my wife and daughters, "Don't listen to what people say, watch what they do. Their actions will speak louder than their words." This also goes for us. As we do life together as neighbors, we have the power to speak life into those around us by our daily witness. Tim's book is a good reminder that the first step to building a great neighborhood starts with us!”

    Mike Neukum, Director of Missions, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, Carrollton, TX

    “Tim DeTellis grew up as a missionary kid, and for over 30 years he has been involved in starting churches and Christian schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic—that provide children with an education, food, and medical care. He knows what it means to be a good neighbor, and now he has written a book that gives us practical steps on how we can be one, too. This is a read that will convict you and guide you to step out into the mission field next door.”

    Tony Nolan, Evangelist, Teaching Pastor, Journey Church ​​

    “In the Good Samaritan story we see these people: the takers, fakers, and difference makers. Takers make the world a painful place to be. Fakers make the world a sad place to be. Difference makers make the world a better place to be. In this new book, Tim inspires every heart to make the world a better place to be!”

    Dr. Larry D. Lamb, Cielo Vista Church, El Paso, Texas

    “Tim’s book will encourage you to look at the most profound principle of loving and looking at people the way Jesus does. Read his work and you’ll be drawn into the reason why you have neighbors.”

    John J. Wagner, Turning Point Community Church, Lubbock, TX​

    “Not only was Jesus the true and greater Good Samaritan, He moved out of the epic luxury of heaven...out of the comfort and community of dancing with God the Father, and God the Spirit, where He had no needs. He moved into our neighborhood—our stained and jaded neighborhood. My friend, Tim DeTellis, captures the essence of this incarnational love in a profound and practical way. Let the Holy Spirit move you to action as you read.”

    Ryan Alonso, Lead Pastor, Central Life Church, Rockledge, FL​​

    “Tim DeTellis has crafted an inspiring and thought provoking story with more than his words, he's done it with his life! You'll discover this as you journey through the neighborhood with Tim. If you crave a life that leaves a lasting impact on others, then look no further than this book to inspire your dreams. No gimmicks and tricks to enhance yourself, just pure love to see God change lives through your potential.”

    Ken Davis, Author and Comedian, Franklin, TN​​

    "In a troubled world, where we expect governments and organizations to change our neighborhoods, Tim DeTellis has identified the most powerful change agent of all. I highly recommend this book. It will open your eyes to the powerful influence you can be and the difference you can make in your own community."

    Eddy Moratin, Executive Director, LIFT Orlando​

    “What the world needs most are good neighbors. In this brief and refreshing read, Tim articulates a candid and compelling challenge to make a difference right where you live, because our faith is meant to be lived out in our neighborhood.”

    Pastor Tim Anderson, Senior Pastor Clements Baptist Church, Athens, Alabama

    "I am privileged to call Tim DeTellis one of my best friends. Tim and his wife Sheryl do a great job of practicing what they preach when it comes to engaging their neighbors with the gospel. Their story and example will inspire you greatly. I'm so excited about his new book.”

    Pastor Tim Grosshans, Winter Garden's First Baptist Church

    “I like books about the truth. You know, true stories about true events and true outcomes; stories that inspire me to try and do something wonderful. Guess what…you just found that book! Come join Tim and Shery DeTellis in their continuing journey of being the kind of people who love and are loved by their neighbors. You are going to love this story!”

    Dave Nowak, Executive Director, Laugh All Night Comedy Concerts, Orlando, FL​

    "Life is made up of shared moments with others. Are you sharing moments with the people who live right next to you? Tim’s practical approach to neighboring will give you a renewed purpose to develop meaningful relationships with those living around you.”

    Paul Gotthardt, Senior Pastor, Life Baptist Church, Las Vegas, NV​​

    “The mark of a great communicator is the ability to take complicated or vague thoughts and make them real and practical for others. That’s what Tim did in Good Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods. Many of us have read and even taught Jesus’ command to "love your neighbor as yourself.” But teaching a concept is not the same as living a truth. In a very simple, straightforward way—Tim shares practical steps to move a person past selfish tendencies and towards being a good neighbor. For those looking for a simple, practical guide to living out the second Great Commandment—check out this resource.”

    Greg Leith, CEO, Convene Corporation​

    “Is your neighborhood just a place to park your car, watch TV and sleep? What if God did not just call you to Africa, but He called you to love the people who live next door to you? Tim DeTellis says there’s a whole lot more to being neighborly that we thought. He’s actually walked from house to house getting to know his neighbors. Who does that? Maybe if we all walked along the streets we live on, we’d begin to turn the tide of our isolated society.”

    Dusty McLemore, Pastor of Lindsay Lane Baptist Church, Athens, AL​

    “In his new book, Good Neighbors Make Good Neighborhoods, Tim and his wife Sheryl capture the true meaning of intentional evangelism! Making the neighborhood their Jerusalem; their neighbors are their mission! Tim’s unique and innovative approach to sharing the love of Christ is both non-threatening and effective! In this book, Tim reveals the motive behind the method; truly loving thy neighbor as thy self. Also, Tim displays an unselfish heart and a willingness to invest some time, which he humbly declares as “God’s time.” After reading Tim’s book, you too will be greatly inspired, as I was, to see your neighbors and neighborhood in a different light!”

    John Welborn, Senior Pastor, Salem Church, Staten Island, NY

    "I have no greater encourager in my life than Tim DeTellis. And, in "Good Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods" he will encourage you to engage the mission field just outside your front door. He and Sheryl are literally touching the nations AND their neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this book, Tim will recount their journey and encourage you on yours!"

    Roy Mack, Senior Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Warren, OH​

    The real test of our faith and beliefs is our willingness to take action on what we say we believe. Love is not an emotion, it is a decision. Tim’s book will both challenge and encourage you to make a good decision in fulfilling Jesus’ words to, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

    Vince Wilcox, Esq., General Manager, DiscoverWorship.com

    "It's one thing to talk about missional living; but quite another to inspire believers to live missionally. Tim's short, simple book is filled with personal stories, biblical precepts, and practical strategies to equip people who love God to love their neighbors--especially folks whose homes are just next door. I can't wait to see how the Lord will use it to transform our world!"

    Malachi O'Brien, Associate Pastor, Connection Point Church, Raytown, MO

    "It's one thing to talk about missional living; but quite another to inspire believers to live missionally. Tim's short, simple book is filled with personal stories, biblical precepts, and practical strategies to equip people who love God to love their neighbors--especially folks whose homes are just next door. I can't wait to see how the Lord will use it to transform our world!"

    Steven Blanton, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Hendersonville, NC​

    "The Biblical mandate is clear: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Love for God and love for others are inextricably tied together in the life of an obedient servant of God. Good Neighbors Make Great Neighbors provides readers with an understanding of what it means to Biblically and practically love ones neighbor in accordance to the command of God. This book will serve as an excellent tool to help believers see that our greatest mission field could very possibly be: down the road, across the street, or through the gate of our back fence."

    Aaron Flanagan, Senior Pastor, Oasis Church, Las Vegas, NV

    "In reading this book the one word that stood out to me was practical. I feel that Tim has laid out some very practical and encouraging ways that each Christian can play out the Gospel in their neighborhood. You will enjoy and be encouraged by the genuine practical heart behind this extremely important topic of loving your neighbors."

    Dr. James Peoples, Trinity Baptist, Keystone Heights, FL​​

    “Tim teaches us that we don't have to board a plane to make a difference. The lessons on neighboring are practical, thought provoking, and easily implement. You will enjoy this challenging resource.”

    Gary DarDar, Senior Pastor, River of Life Fellowship, Iota, LA

    “In a clear and practical way, Tim challenges us using God’s Word along with personal experiences to obey the Lord’s command to live out our faith by loving those around us in order to impact their lives for the Kingdom of God.”

    Steve Swagger, Layton Chapel Baptist Church, Spring Lake, NC

    “What began as walks through their neighborhood turned into a journey of faith for Tim and Sheryl in a new mission field and a walk of faith for many of their neighbors. Their story is a must read. You’ll be inspired and encouraged to look for the mission field ‘ripe unto harvest’ in your neighborhood.”

    Dr. Mark Dance, Director of LifeWay Pastors, Nashville, TN

    "Tim is compelled to love his neighbors both near and far because he is a missionary. This book was a great reminder that I too am a missionary who needs to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission and Commandments, starting right next door."

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